Below you will find helpful Snap Drape Brands downloads, including product pricing, catalog information, and instructions. Click on the document link to download.

Snap Drape Brands Sourcebook
Master Price List


Cocktail Table in a Snap Flyer
Beverage Dispenser & Trash Can Budget Stretch
Covers Flyer

Table Top Decor
Security in a Snap Flyer
Themescape Catalog
Urban Naturals Flyer
Contour Covers Flyer
Table in a Snap Flyer
Budget Stretch Covers Flyer
Cityscape Placemats Flyer
Farm Stripe Flyer
Market Place Linens Flyer
Table Top Products
Bow Tie Pleat Flyer
Omni & Pinnacle Flyer
Silhoutte Chair Cover Flyer
Embossed Contour Cover Flyer
Table Padding Flyer
Clip Sheet

Fabric Colors

Table Skirting Fabrics
Contour Cover Fabrics
Table Linen Fabrics
Throw Cover Fabrics
Fitted Set Fabrics
Geneva Fabrics
Stage Skirting Fabrics
Backdrop Fabrics

Fabric Care

Ultraspun & Windsor Laundry Instructions
Milliken Napery Fabrics Care (Signature, Visa Plus, Wave
Contour Cover
Linen Troubleshooting & Guide


Pipe & Drape
Napkin Folding
Measure Leg Dims for Contour Covers