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Non Printed Wynhdam

Blank covers are a perfect way to enhance any trade show booth.   Choose from any of our vibrant Wyndham colors.



Non Printed Contour

Our form fitting Contour fabric is 93% polyester/7% spandex, machine washable and dry-able for easy care and is durably Flame Retardant for safety.



Poly Poplin

Poly Poplin is an affordable, lightweight and durable fabric. Now available in Full Coverage TIP Dye Sublimation.



Maxi Print

Snap Drape Brands has invested in a specialized screen printing facility designed for imprinting our 100% polyester, flame retardant Wyndham fabric.  In-house capabilities allow us to provide you with superior screen printing quality with fast lead times and reasonable pricing.



TIP Dye Sublimation

TIP (Total Image Processing) is a dye sublimation digital print process that allows for high resolution photo images, complex designs, or gradients. Printed designs are heat transferred where the ink turns into a gas that permeates into the fabric which produces vibrant colors and UV protection for up to one year.




Applique is an Eco-Solvent digital print process. Print high resolution photo images, complex designs, or gradients onto a semi-gloss white film that is stretchable and resilient.  Applique material will maintain its quality and color without visibly fading for over 50 washing’s.



Thermo Print

Thermo Print is a low cost vinyl material that is shape cut then heat transferred to our 100% polyester, flame retardant Wyndham fabric. This allows you to order minimum quantities without incurring large set-up costs, making Thermo Print the practical choice if you’re on a budget. Thermo Print is available in many different vibrant colors and styles to showcase your corporate image.



Ship & Show

Ship & Show converts from a shipping pallet to a table; just pull the pins, slide leg and re-insert the pins. Easy as 1-2-3. No tools required, just slide into the desired position and use.