Table Skirting

All Table Skirting is made to your horizontal length and vertical height specifications. Snap Drape Brands skirting is available for Maxi or TIP print methods. Below are suggested skirting sizes for common table and configurations.


Table Skirt Sizing Chart
Clip Sheet


Attachment Methods



METHOD I: SNAP CLIP – Snap clips fasten into steel snaps that are permanently attached to the skirt header. Clips remain attached to the skirt when taken off the table but are easily removed for laundering.

METHOD II: SNUGTIGHT ™ CLIP – Snugtight clips have a hook-side tab on the face and attach directly to the table over the table topper. The skirting header is lined with a color-coordinated loop-side strip so it attaches easily to the clips.

METHOD III: HOOK & LOOP – Loop-side strip is sewn onto the skirting header for easy attachment to hook-side tape which is attached to table or stage edges.

METHOD IV: PLAIN BACKING – Skirting is sewn with plain, reinforced backing for easy pinning to table toppers or tablecloths.


Pleat Styles

Snap Drape Brands skirting is available in five styles: shirred, accordion, box, continuous and banded. Shirred, accordion and box pleat styles are available with either Snap Clip or Snug-Tight™ Clip (hook/loop) attachment. Pleated headers are reinforced with a sturdy backing and sewn with a lockstitch to maintain long-lasting, attractive pleats. All styles are available in all fabrics and colors.



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