Snap Drape Crew

Every week we will show you a member of our Snap Drape Crew. We want you to know who we are, and what exactly makes us an AWESOME team!

Joe is our AR/HR Manager. Fun Fact: Joe holds a basketball scoring record for most points in a game at his old high school… 62 points! He, also, plays the guitar and piano.

“I have enjoyed all of the relationships that I’ve made in my 12 years here at the Drape. Very good people to spend 5 days a week with!”

Jose is our Screen Transfer Operator and Packing/Shipping Associate. “I love my job! It involves a very fine and delicate process that I enjoy doing.”

“Jose has lived in Carrollton for 23 years and is on the “New Believers Team” at church.”

Crystal is the Marketing Coordinator here at SDi. “It is my fourth week with this wonderful company, and this SDi Crew has welcomed me with open arms! Everyone has been so friendly; I already feel like part of the family”.

Mountain biking, being in nature and seeing live music are some of her passions.”

Daniel, our talented Art Director. He enjoys gardening and landscaping, and on his free time does 3D Models and 3D Animation…nerdy interests that have made him an artistic software genius!

“I love SDi because every day is different, and what we do (printing on fabric for example) is awesome! I love the people I work with every day.”

Brenda, our Linen Distribution & Party Rental Sales Associate. Brenda’s favorite days are those filled with laughter and tinkering with gadgets!

“I love working with an amazing group of individuals that are driven to grow and elevate this company; a company whose goal is to offer quality products and provide true customer service.”

Maria or “Trini” (nickname) has been our Contour Sewing Specialist for 23 years!

“I have always enjoyed my job here at SDi. I do everything with a high level of passion and quality.”
Maria is VERY proud of her three daughters and adores her four grandchildren.‬”

Danya, our Packing Associate. She loves her job because she ensures that the clients get everything they ordered.

On her off time, she loves spending time with her son and daughter and playing soccer and volleyball.‬”

Carlos, our Graphics and Fabric Cutting Specialist. He loves spending time with his family and playing the drums/singing in his church band.

“I love Snap Drape. I get to do something new each day; every day is different and that makes it so interesting. My favorite part of working at Snap Drape is that I get to work with such awesome people! They aren’t just coworkers, they are friends.”

Roger is our Chief Operating Officer, but before working at ‪‎Snap Drape Brands‬, he grew up working in the Iron Ore Mining industry. Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, he has had the experience of ice fishing, jumping in a lake partially covered with ice and snowmobiling at 15 degrees below zero.

“I love the great team of individuals at Snap Drape. The first day I arrived I was made to feel like I had worked here for a long time. The team works hard and has fun doing what they do best. I look forward to working together and learning from each of my coworkers, as well as, sharing my experiences to make Snap Drape the best in class in the industry!”

Toni, our Customer Service Manager. She has been with Snap Drape for 12 years! Toni is currently writing a cook book (she loves to cook), and she would love to learn how to play the guitar some day.

“I enjoy working with our customers, assisting them with their needs, resolving challenges and knowing that we have made them happy. I cherish the relationships that are made along the way with our customers and our fantastic team here at Snap Drape Brands.”

Yolanda is our Quality Control Associate. She loves to spend time with her two daughters. Her favorite day of the week happens to be Sunday because all of her family members and friends get together and spend the day at church.

“I really enjoy my job. Snap Drape is a great company to work for because we’re not only employees, we are family.”

Fernando, from the Shipping Department. He likes to watch/play football & soccer and enjoys taking his family fishing.

“I’m really excited about our Snap Drape Brands company and looking forward to a profitable 2016.”

Ray is our IT Operations Manager. He is a huge sports fan – loving basketball, baseball, track and football. He has been a youth coach for 8 years. He would, also, like everyone to know that his hair is really dark brown, but he dyes it platinum to look wise… I’ll just leave that right there.

“I love Snap Drape because of the family atmosphere.”

Claudia is a member of the Contour Department. She loves spending quality time with her family and enjoys cooking desserts!

“I love our work schedule here at Snap Drape, and my co-workers are awesome people to work with each day.”

Helen, our Customer Sales Support Associate, enjoys gardening and having outdoor barbecues with her family and friends. She has the “Green Thumb” around the office.

“I like how I do the same thing every day, but not the same thing ALL day. The love and comradery among all of us here at Snap Drape is incomparable.”

Anael, our Fabric Cutting Associate, enjoys playing soccer and is known for being a particularly responsible person.

“I love my job and everything I do here at Snap Drape!”

Marcela, our Sewing Technician. She loves going to church and spending time with her two kids.

“I love to sew, which means I pretty much have the perfect job here at Snap Drape.”

Ana, our Fabric Cutting Tech. Ana loves her job here at Snap Drape and on her off time, likes to play soccer.

“I love my job because I get to work with measurements. It takes a lot of dedication and precision. It’s very important to me that our products are made well.”

Noelia works in our Contour Department. She loves hanging out with her family and helping out at her church.

“I like the opportunities that I get at Snap Drape. I’ve worked here for 5 years, and I love it!”

Ludivina, our Throw Cover Sewing Associate, loves spending time with her family and watching baseball games.

“I love the environment at Snap Drape and the people that I work with each day!”

Carlos, is our Table Cloth Cutting Associate. He is a huge sports fan, especially soccer, and is a responsible person at his job.

“I love the friendly environment and the support from others at Snap Drape.”

Sonia, our Skirt Cutting Associate. She enjoys watching soccer games and spending time with her daughters.

“I’ve been working at Snap Drape for the last 28 years. I love my job, what I do and the people I work with each day.”

Maria, our Fabric Cutting Associate. She loves going to church and spending time with family.

“I love my job and what I do. The environment is just great at ‪#‎SnapDrape‬!”