Table Linens

Elegant table settings begin with quality table linens.  Snap Drape Brands offers the finest line of tablecloths and napkins available to the hospitality industry.  Our fabrics range from 100% spun polyester, beautiful damask patterns, and durable Visa® Plus.  All fabrics are available in an array of sizes and colors.


Nouveau Ultraspun & Nouveau Windsor

Nouveau Windsor, Nouveau Ultraspun

The latest technology available to the hospitality industry in table linens is Spun polyester.  It has the look and feel of cotton without sacrificing the durability, colorfastness and shrink resistance of filament polyester. Spun polyester maximizes your return on linen investment, spun polyester.  Our line of 100% spun polyester linens are made up of the plain weave, Nouveau Ultraspun and the exclusive damask pattern, Nouveau Windsor. Softer, stronger, brighter…just a few advantages of our Nouveau line of table linens.


Milliken Signature, HD™ Wave, Farm Stripe & Signature Chambray

Signature, Wave, Farm Stripe, Signature Chambray

Snap Drape Brands offers Milliken’s line of genuine table linen fabrics including Signature, Damask HD™: Wave, Farm Stripe, and Signature Stripe. All are constructed from a spun polyester/filament polyester blend with Milliken’s Soft Touch Technology. This gives the fabric strength and better color fastness with a soft, natural feel that lasts wash after wash.

Chambray Flyer


Milliken Visa Plus, Visa Checkpoint & Visa Checkpoint Fancy

Visa Plus, Visa Checkpoint, Visa Fancy Checkpoint,

For linens with excellent soil and stain release properties, Visa® Plus is a perfect choice. It has the outstanding durability, performance, and returns on investment that made Visa® Oxford the fastest-selling table linen on the market. Now thanks to a recently patented soil release breakthrough, you can wash at a low 120 degrees rather than 160 degrees, dramatically lowering your energy costs.


Tablecloth Sizing Chart


Cloth beats paper. Here’s proof.

Seam Finishing Styles



Linen Fabrics & Colors

All Linen Fabrics

Signature, Wave, Omni, Pinnacle, Nouveau Windsor, Nouveau Ultraspun, Visa Plus, Visa Checkpoint, Visa Fancy Checkpoint, Farm Stripe, Signature Chambray, Market Place


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Nouveau Windsor

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Nouveau Ultraspun

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Visa Plus

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Visa Checkpoint

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Visa Fancy Checkpoint

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Farm Stripe

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Signature Chambray

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Market Place

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Actual colors may vary.  Please use our Request Information page for a free swatch card.  All Fabrics are machine washable/dryable for easy care.  Melrose, Sequel, Marquis, Riviera, and Wave are Visa™ Fabrics.  Visa is a registered trademark of Milliken & Co.

Fabric Care: Use mild detergents, no chlorine bleach. Machine wash to 120 degrees F. Do not overload dryer. Tumble dry to 120 degrees F. Reversing cycles prevents tangles. Tumble through cool down cycle. Remove immediately and hang. If necessary, touch up with a cool iron. Snap Drape Brands will not be responsible for shrinkage or distortion of fabric that has been improperly laundered.