Ship & Show

Converts from a shipping pallet to a table; just pull the pins, slide leg and re-insert the pins. Easy as 1-2-3. No tools required, just slide into the desired position and use.


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  • Available in 2 sizes: A small unit that converts from a 4’x24″ to 6’x24″ pallet/table or the larger unit which converts from 6’x24 to 8’x24″ to 10’x24″.  Choose from either 30″ high or 40″ high legs to achieve your desired height.
  • No longer do Exhibitors need to rent costly tables, chairs, carpet or other rental items from the show provider; simply load them on your Ship & Show and your booth is ready to set-up when you are.
  • No waiting on “Empties” to be returned.  Ship & Show is ready to be packed up once the trade show is over.  This allows for a huge savings in time and travel budgets.
  • It is easily handled by fork lifts therefore no inflated drayage charges or “special handling” fees.
  • Ship & Show is a great way to store your booth between events to prevent missing booth parts.
  • Made from durable steel and plywood, Ship & Show holds up to 1,250 lbs and will endure many trade show seasons.