By Crystal Hough

9 Awesome Reasons to Use Table Skirting for Your Events


In case you didn’t know, table skirting is a fine art. It is a way to express your themes and colors and portray a story line for your event. There are tons of benefits to using skirting and we are going to take you through the 9 most reasonable examples of why you NEED to use it. Prepare to get your mind blown!

Banquet Table

1.  Uses are limitless– You can use table skirting at virtually ANY event.  Registration tables, meetings, banquets, weddings, those delectable buffet lines… these are only some of the possibilities.  Does the wedding you’re catering have an awful theme??


Table skirting can divert your attention for the awful sight of that cheesy superhero attire by giving you a pleasant visual on which to fixate, other than those horrible decisions for wedding themes.

2.  Easy pairing– Let’s face it, layers are in. Table skirts pair well with other linen products such as table toppers, linens, throw covers and runners.  You can’t just throw a table cloth on there and hope it looks classy.  Come on folks, you’ve got to take advantage of layering.  Your tables need to be dressed up and protected and skirting is the “table clothing” that you want.

3.  Boring table fix– Again, no throwing those one layer tablecloths on your table and expecting them to make your tables look elegant! You have to pair and stack your table linens to get the desired stylish look that you are seeking. Nothing screams elegance like a beautifully matched table linen combo.  This is not unlike Jenga, just be sure to have a steady hand when applying or deconstructing these items or you will have a mess to clean.

Jenga Fail

4.  Hide those lanky legs– Who wants those awful table legs sticking out during their elegant event?  That’s right, no one!  Table skirting is a beautiful way to hide those stick legs and make everyone forget that they are even there, aside from the table still being up and holding things of course.


5.  Diversity in colors. Have a catering business or a convention center?  Need color and style options for different events, but don’t want to buy new furniture every time?  Skirting has you covered for this dilemma.  With skirting, you can use endless colors and printed patterns to cover the same tables each time.   This will ensure that your event table colors are matching and appropriate to the type of shindig you are throwing.

6.  Durability.  Some skirting is made from 100% polyester and not cotton.  For the people that aren’t savvy in fashion design lingo, this means that the fabric will hold up in the wash by not shrinking, fading or snagging.  This is a HUGE deal to companies wanting the most “bang for their buck”.  You spend a reasonable amount on skirting and end up getting a quality product that is sustainable for many uses.

Washing Machine

7.  Green is better. Most skirting can be cleaned by the simple rag and water routine, so you won’t have to put it in the washing machine that often.  This conserves water for your company and the environment!

Earth Drip

8.  Easy Application.  Skirting attaches to your tables by either using clips or Velcro.  This makes for a super easy and quick set up/take down.  Conserving your time (and headache) is always important.

9.  No fanning the flame. Most types of skirting are flame retardant and can hold a lot of heat.  This is great news for things like buffet lines or any tables holding food.  We don’t want to burn down the house!


Now that you are 100% informed on the fact that table skirting is the best option for your next event, the only decision left to make is…. What are you serving for dinner???Fun facts brought to you by SDi Brands.


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